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How to Setup an SSL on Your Website to be SSL Compliant

Your subscription with ThriveSME includes a secure SSL website with an ongoing SSL certificate. This will help you keep your website secure and is also a best practice for surfing on the internet and on search engines. Did you know that search engines like Google require it to be organically found easier? You need to be SSL compliant in order to position your website with the latest best practices.

Below is a website URL that is secure and SSL compliant. Notice the green lock. If you don't see a green lock or the words "secure site" you are not compliant.

By default, all of our websites are SSL secure. Once you map your website however it is no longer SSL secure and requires a new certificate to be assigned to your mapped domain. 

How To Get An SSL Secure Website 

1. Contact us via our support at or by our chat bubble on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen and request your site to be SSL compliant.

Note: When your website is mapped using your custom domain name this is when you need to set up your new SSL license. It is not needed until then. Allow up to 24-48 hours for your website to be fully SSL once you have requested us to help. 

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